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Echoes (2022)

Brief Nudity

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Echoes is a binge-worthy Netflix series about twins who do the unthinkable - if you haven't seen The Parent Trap. Michelle Monaghan plays two twin women who have an interesting ritual that they perform once a year. Once a year, the two completely switch lives. They have a deep connection with each other and are able to successfully trick everyone in their lives into thinking that they are in fact each other. This includes... their husbands! Yes, the women have sex with each other's husbands for a full year without either husband being the wiser. Why be twinning when you can be swinging? Things go swimmingly for the twins until one of them goes missing, which threatens to expose their secret. There's a lot for a therapist to unpack here, but thankfully we're only here to unpack the male nudity! Jonathan Tucker became a fan favorite celebrity around these parts for his many nude scenes on the series Kingdom. He's still looking as cute, ripped, and most importantly, nude, as ever in Echoes! Matt Bomer sadly stays clothed here but he's not about to not show off his awesome body - even though his shirtless scene is frustratingly dark. Finally young buck Clayton Royal Johnson plays a teen and shows us his butt for the first time ever! Sure, Echoes is a show in which twin women have sex with each other's husbands without either husband knowing. And that's okay. Because at the end of the day it is a great series for male nudity - all that really matters. Echoes is a resounding success!