Shia LaBeouf and James McAvoy are both indie darlings turned mainstream hunks, and they both happen to have shown their junk...s! Shia LaBeouf is a bad boy who likes it good, and first stripped down all the way back in 2006's Bobby when he was twenty years old. But nothing could have prepared us for the legacy of dudity that he would leave in X-rated sex scenes in Nymphomaniac Vol I and Nymphomaniac Vol II. Plus only an actor as artfully naughty as Shia would think to go full frontal in a music video. In Sigur Rós' Fjögur píanó Shia Labeouf stands completely nekked, giving us an amazing look at his full au naturel bush and perfect cock and balls. Nothing Shy about Shia!

But don't go voting for Shia LaBeouf quite yet there mister. You have to give James McAvoy a fair shake. And after you see his nudity, you'll be shaking something alright! In 2006's The Last King of Scotland James let his long penis fly out of his pants, and in 2018's Submergence he gave us a penis repeat, although the scene is far too distant for our liking. Plus we remember all the way back in 2004 when James first went nude - flashing his smooth ass in the original UK version of Shameless.



Needless to say you guys have a lot of thinking to do, so check out the hottest nude scenes from James McAvoy and Shia LaBeouf in this sexy video and then use the Twitter poll to vote for who wins this Battle of the Bulge!