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Battle of the Bulge: K.J. Apa vs. Ross Lynch

Are you ABS-olutely sure that you're ready for this Battle of the Bulge? read more >>

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Anatomy of a Scene's Manatomy: Ross Lynch Makes One Sexy Future Serial Killer in 'My Friend Dahmer'

This week, former Disney star Ross Lynch makes us question everything we know about the sexiness... read more >>

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Nudity From Top Ten Most Popular Actors Right This Second

You guys have excellent taste.

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Our Favorite Hot Guys From Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Now in GIF form!

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Now Streaming: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 1.29.20

Get bewitched by these babes!

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Who'd You Rather Blow: Most Searched Celebs Of 2019 Edition

You heard us! Who'd you rather blow?

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These Disney Stars Are All Grown Up and NUDE

Nick Jonas, Ross Lynch, Zac Efron and more! read more >>

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Ross Lynch's Body In New Pic Proves That His Twink Days Are Over

Goodbye to this twink ass. Hello to Ross Lynch's new jock bod! read more >>

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Ross Lynch's Top Ten Hottest Scenes In The History Of Ever

We'll just call him Ross Undress for Less. Rite ladies? Rite? read more >>

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Top Ten Trending Celebrities on Mr. Man Right Now

We can see why these guys are so hot right now! read more >>

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A Rundown of the Ross Lynch Leaked Nudes Scandal

What exactly happened and where are the nudes? read more >>

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Top Ten Trending Celebs on Mr. Man Right Now

Stay on trend with these hunks!

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These Are the Top Ten Most Popular Men on Mr. Man in 2018

Who did you search for this year? Click to find out. read more >>

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Now Streaming: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 10.31.18

This Netflix series will put a spell on you! read more >>