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Is K.J. Apa's INSANE New Shirtless Dance Erotic Or Scary?

The dance moves aren't just unique - they're almost incomprehensible, and they're certainly... read more >>

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Happy Birthday K.J. Apa! Here Are Ten Times He Made Us Precum A Little

The. Full. Package. Mamaw.

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K.J. Apa Is Your Desert Fantasy In Super Hot New Shirtless Pic

More K.J. Assa in the future please!

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Battle of the Bulge: K.J. Apa vs. Ross Lynch

Are you ABS-olutely sure that you're ready for this Battle of the Bulge? read more >>

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TV Nudity Report: Run, Riverdale, 9-1-1 and Vida 5.12.20

Strong shirtless dudes with big muscles? Yes, please! read more >>

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Top Ten Hottest Former Child Stars All Grown Up

You get older and these guys get hotter! read more >>

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TV Nudity Report: Insecure, Hawaii 5-0, Riverdale, Todxs Nos and Dave 4.21.20

Wow, this is a loot of dudity!

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K.J. Apa Has Steamy Gay Kiss On Riverdale!

It's getting gay in here ya'll.

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Welcome To Mr. Man, Dylan Sprouse!

You did it!

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The Top Ten Hottest TV Shows That Have Been Postponed

There are hot shows to get us through this! read more >>

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Top Ten Celebs Who We Think Have Huge Penises

They're. F*cking. Massive. Probably.

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TV Nudity Report: Riverdale, Briarpatch, The New Pope & The Walking Dead 3.3.20

The week in dudity was pretty damn good. read more >>

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K.J. Apa Showed His Perfect Ass For The First Time

Happy HOLY SHIT I JUST SAW K.J. APA'S BUTT DAY everyone! read more >>

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TV Nudity Report: This Is Us, 68 Whiskey, Riverdale & Stumptown 2.12.20

This Is Us...more like This is Horny.

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K.J. Apa Wet And Gratuitous Yet Again

No wonder why this show won the Best Can't Believe It's Not Gay Porn award... read more >>