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Blood Drive

Blood Drive (2017)

Brief Nudity

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Set in an alternate 1999, the sci-fi action series Blood Drive (2017) centers around a death race which uses cars that run on human blood. Well, that’s one way of saving money at the gas station! Hunky Alan Ritchson plays Los Angeles Police Department officer Arthur Bailey (aka “Barbie”) who must partner up with femme fatale Grace D’Argento (Christina Ochoa). As you can guess, they better fasten their seatbelts since it’s going to be a bumpy ride through the dystopian landscape. Luckily, Barbie touts his torso and tush while having sex with Grace in the car. That really gets our motors running! We’re also revved up while watching his raw rump wash up onto the shore. Speaking of getting wet, Christopher Carson (Thomas Dominique) displays his naked T&A in the shower during episode 1. In fact, the foxy fellow flashes his ebony flesh throughout the run. Not to be outdone, the Gentleman (Andrew Hall) reveals his pecs and buns in episode 2. By episode 7, an uncredited Martyn Ford touts his muscular guns and awesome abs. Although not as big, the same can be said of Old Man Heart (Sean Cameron Michael) in episode 11. Last but not least, Julian Slink (Colin Cunningham) exposes his chest in episode 12 and butt in episode 13. It’s no wonder his character serves as master of ceremonies since he makes us want to masturbate! Unfortunately, this ass-tastic series was canceled after one season. But we’re hoping for a reboot. Or should we say, a re-booty?