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Body Fat Index of Love (2012)

Great Nudity!
  • Genres: Comedy
  • Directed by: Mikko Kuparinen
  • Theatrical Release: 12/21/2012
  • Home Release: 02/10/2016
  • Country: Finland
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Top Scene


What if the other person in your (hypothetical) purely sexual relationship developed feelings beyond just boinking? Well if it was Body Fat Index of Love (2012) star Mikko Nousiainen, you’d say “whatever keeps you in the sac with me!” In Body Fat Stigu (Mikke) and Ella (Miina Maasola) have a purely below the belt relationship that becomes threatened when Stigu wants to do more than just stick it to Ella. When the two find themselves embarking on a work project together, feelings come to a head. You’ll want to do something involving head when you see some major ass from Mikko in multiple scenes! Kristo Salminen even joins in on the bun fun in a hot locker room scene!    


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