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For the last decade or so, Broden Kelly and the rest of the guys from the absurdist sketch comedy group Aunty Donna have been providing the Land of Oz with gut splitting surreal laughs and racking up acclaim at Fringe Festivals worldwide.  The group originally formed in Melbourne, Australia back in 2011 and they've been laser focused on "the weird" when it comes to comedy, including talking dishwashers, mannequin mailmen, professional wrestlers with an affinity for bonsai trees, pantsuits, and of course graduates of Glennridge Secondary College.  This buzzcut rocking redhead hit us right in the funny bone and with his Nude-Comer debut in their 2020 Netflix sketch comedy series Aunty Donna's Big Ol' House of Fun, he's bound to hit you in another bone...  Your boner, in your pants...  Although it might not be much of an extended peek at his cheeks, he does drop trou for a bit where he's BMX'ing around a doctor's office and his crack makes a "TOO HOT FOR TV" cameo that is poorly blurred out.  Welp, it's definitely enough to make you want to get more of that pale patootie in your life, but it's definitely more of a prime example of using your body for physical comedy and the guys from Aunty Donna are no strangers to using the absurdity of male nudity to make you bust a gut, including showing off some of their real life guts.  Broden comes in with the sexy though and hopefully future seasons of the series gets us more bubble butt Broden on display!