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Take a long and lustful look at the cutie Casey Wyman and you'll quickly realize why he's one of Mr. Man's favorite male specimens to study. He certainly has our stiff attention! This long-haired lovely man has soft, seductive eyes and angelic brown hair that we want to run our fingers through. He's only shown off his exquisite toned body in American Horror Story (2012) as Daniel. He presents his totally naked body to his co-star who unfortunately can't appreciate the goodness in front of her. His toned torso and juicy buns look like they were carved from clay! He should be in front of us because we know how to appreciation perfection. With any luck, the likes of Casey will get more chances at showing off his hot body sometime in the near future. Until that blessed day, we're all stuck with watching his old boob tube roles, or even his production designer work in flicks and videos such as Vic Mensa: Dark Things (2018), Wiz Khalifa Feat. Trippie Redd & Preme: Alright (2019), Dream Screechers (2019), Pooling to Paradise (2021), and Still Woozy: That's Life (2021). Sure, his behind the camera work doesn't afford the flesh fiends of the world a look at his delicious body. Nonetheless, Man Central will never stop looking for more hidden treasures he may have acted in that have since disappeared in the ether. With any luck, Casey has a trove of masturbation fuel out there that is jsut waiting to be added to our favorite online spank bank!