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When you’re in charge of understanding some of the most perverse minds in America, sometimes you need a little shirtless man action to lighten the mood! Take your mind off things by doing some dirty things. However you want to handle it! The wildly long running CBS drama Criminal Minds is about the elite group of FBI detectives, scientists, and analysts who must track down dangerous sociopathic killers by anticipating their every move. Focused on the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit, each episode brings a unique and gripping crime situation that we’re about to solve alongside the experts. These guys tend to have run-ins with fugitive serial killers a lot. Senior Supervisory Special Agent Jason Gideon (Mandy Patinkin) abandons the job when his girlfriend is killed by a fugitive serial killer (Keith Carradine), only to get killed by one he's tracking in season ten. Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) has to watch his wife Haley (Meredith Monroe) get taken out by "The Boston Reaper" (C. Thomas Howell), while the brilliant Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) is ravaged with guilt that he couldn't stop a stalker from taking out a woman he was in love with. How do these guys keep finding women willing to risk their lives to hook up with these FBI guys? It'll make a whole lot of sense when you see their bodies! There’s no mystery about the sexiness of Shemar Moore, who makes a shirtless appearance in season 11, episode 16. While the dude has had better days (most of the muscly man action involves torture), if you can get past the production magic and focus on that amazing bod, you’ll have a criminally good time! Funny fella Jamie Kennedy ends up in a cloth diaper while being tortured by a cult, but we're kind of into it. Victor Buno is all tied up and gagged in a situation that is no bueno, but the chubby little fella's chest still gave us a chub! Jeremy Mitchell's in his undies while tied to a table, Johnny Wactor's running around in his boxers, Ryan-James Hatanaka has just a few magazines covering his crotch, and more! Sure, it lasted seventeen seasons, but with all those gorgeous dudes we wouldn't mind watching a Criminal Minds marathon!