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True Story

True Story (2021)

No Nudity


Just prior to the 2019 Oscars, Kevin Hart was announced as the host for that year's event, but very quickly stepped down when old tweets of his surfaced with some rather scandalous opinions on certain sections of the population. Fast forward nearly three years and Hart is back on Netflix with a seven episode minseries titled True Story, a hyper-fictionalized version of events from Hart's perspective. Hart stars as Kid, a successful stand-up comedian who returns home to Philadelphia for a show, reuniting with his troubled older brother Carlton (Wesley Snipes) who delights in pushing Kid off the wagon anytime the two are together. This particular time, however, Kid wakes up from a bender next to a dead woman. Luckily, Carlton is acquainted with a fixer named Ari (your friend Billy Zane) who seems sympathetic to their plight, but things go from bad to worse at nearly every turn. Throw in an embarrassingly bad encounter with an overzealous fan (Theo Rossi) and the fact that Kid is also dealing with an impending divorce, and you've got a recipe for one of the worst weeks in anyone's life. The show obviously wants the audience to root for Kevin Hart's plight, which is difficult when Kid's problems seem to be all of his own making. We do get to see him shirtless when he wakes up in bed next to the dead woman, which is bound to do something for someone, and there's also a shirtless scene from Paul Adlestein as he chats on the phone! True Story, it was pretty sexy!