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Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods (2019)

No Nudity
  • Genres: Drama
  • Created by: Vincent Martell
  • Home Release: 03/26/2019
  • Network: Youtube
  • Country: USA
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Seeing a lack of gay and nonwhite representation on screen, Vincent Martell took things into his own hands by creating the Chi-town set web series Damaged Goods (2019). With each episode being around ten minutes long, the show centers around a group of roommates in the Humboldt Park neighborhood. There's Marlo (Abena Boamah), a yoga instructor trying to become the next big thing on social media, Ezra (Nosakhere A. Cash O'Bannon), an Uber driver and drug dealer just trying to get by until her photography career takes off, Sanavi (Aashvi Patel), a nine to fiver struggling as a person of color in an extremely white workplace, and Caleb (Chufue Yang), the wannabe actor working at a supermarket because his theater degree isn't getting him anywhere. While they support each other, the rent has to get paid somehow so between relationship drama, work issues, and some dysfunction at home, there was always some kind of conflict for Martell to explore. But what really made the show good were all the shot of dude's goodies! Chufue Yang might not show full wang, but he does show major dick-outline when he wears some kind of purple spandex number that really accentuates Chufue's chewtoy. He also decides to do some roommate mating, when him and Nosakhere A. Cash-O'Bannon get it on, although it's filmed in a way that makes it tough to see what's going on. Ja'Bowen Dixon has us Ja'blowin a huge wad when that handsome black man goes shirtless. Matt Wilson also goes shirtless when he has a make out session with Chufue, before we see him take his pants off, bend over and let Chufue spew! Damn! There's some good stuff in Damaged Goods!