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Keywords: Great Nudity!, Latino / hispanic, Brown Hair

Nude Roles: 1

Birthplace: Buenos Aires, AR

Date of Birth: 12/29/61

Real Name: Walter Daniel Freire Moreno

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Argentinean hunk Daniel Freire is a sight for sore guys…and gals. Originally from Buenos Aires, Daniel got his big screen start alongside legendary British actress Vanessa Redgrave in A Wall of Silence (1993). When cinephiles wouldn't shut up about the hot new Argentinean dreamboat, Daniel found acting success and soon hit the small screen in Champions of Life and Muneca brava. Daniel caught Mr. Man’s eye with his bravo worthy bonerific, but prosthetic, appearance in the erotic drama Sex and Lucia (2001). It's the sex filled story of the amorous island adventures of an author, starring Paz Vega as the title character. During an especially sexy scene, while coated with mud, Daniel dirties up a chick with a mud bath, causing him to get excited. Unfortunately for Daniel, Lucia doesn't open her legs to let him give her a mudslide. Your dirty mind will appreciate seeing that hard on. It might be a fake phallic, but it’s still hot. The handsome actor moved on to play David Hidalgo on the stripper turned nanny sitcom Ana y los 7, and Daniel Garralda in the science lab murder mystery drama Motivos Personales. Personally, we really liked seeing Daniel play doctor, though not in the naughty way, by starring as the newly divorced Dr. Javier Lapartida on MIR, though on Dr. Matteo he wasn't the doctor but the failed rocker turned tavern owner Tom Pellegrini. These days, Daniel mainly works on the big screen, starring in stuff like the basketball dramedy Champions (2018), the Uruguay military coup drama The Year of Fury (2020), and the mother-son family drama that is meant to bizarrely mirror what's going on in North Korea, La Piedad (2022). We're gonna need more than one trick dick from Daniel. After all, with his manly appeal, even the straightest dudes would turn flaming fairy for Daniel Freire!