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This scalding hottie out of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina is definitely good looking enough to offset how many consonants that last name has, because he's likely going to deliver a big O at some point when you see him hit the screen.  Ernad Prnjavorac is fairly new to the acting game having only been in a couple of projects to date and getting his start in 2019, so we definitely don't know much about this Balkan boy toy, other than he's long, lean, and looks like an eastern Euro model with those high cheekbones and voluptuous bubble butt of his.  In his very first feature, Take Me Somewhere Nice (2019), we follow a Dutch girl who ventures to Bosnia to visit a dad she doesn't know, but along the way she stumbles into this Bosnian bad boy and he gives her a deep forest session that reminds her just how beautiful the Balkans can be this time of year, especially when Ernad is earning his keep in the missionary position.  He followed up that indie darling flick with a short film in the same year called Big Leap (2019), but is yet to cross the pond and get his beautiful mug on the big screen stateside.  If he ever does, you better beef up on your Bosnian, Serbian, and Croatian because as beautiful as this bad boy is, his last name is a bit of a nightmare but Ernad is definitely going to swell up your gonads regardless of trying to pronounce his name, so maybe just drink him in and do the talking with your hands.