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Even Money

Even Money (2006)

No Nudity

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Even Money (2006) refers to gambling where the money flows, but it does not always flow evenly. Whatever "evenly" means to you! Gambling addiction brings together different people from all walks of life in this movie, who can not help themselves from gambling their money away at casinos. A star-studded cast leads this Mark Rydell-directed film with a Robert Tannen script. Don't think you'll see sexy dudes in this movie? Oh yeah? Want to bet? Let me advise you against betting because you will lose, but in actuality, we all win because all of these dudes are hot. Ray Liotta stars as Tom Carver who lays on his side in bed shirtless. He looks relaxed and sexy in his little glasses without a shirt on. The better to see him with! He is not the only one. Jay Mohr plays Augie who gets shirtless and sexy as well when he hangs out in a sauna. That steam room just got steamier with this hot stud muffin around. Oh, Tim Roth is in the movie as well. He plays Victor and gets victorious when he is bangin' with a hot bod as he goes shirtless post-sauna. Check out his hairy chest as he walks around with just a towel tied around his waist. These hot guys make the casino even hotter! We would gamble - or, hell, just plain spend - any amount of money to hang out with these shirtless gents. We would even pay extra to get the real package (wink, wink).