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Keywords: No Nudity, Latino / hispanic, Brown Hair

AKA: Lipy Adler, Lippy Adler

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Felipe Adler is a beautiful Brazilian actor who also goes by the nickname Lipy. Lipy Adler is a multi-talented artist. He acts, produces, writes, sings, and he even DJs. Oh, and he clearly works out because that body is chiseled to perfection. He began his acting career in 2007 when he appeared in the film Right On. From there he starred in States of Grace as Wagner, The Last Virgin (2016) as Escova, The Beachnickers (2018) as Roberto, The Game (2019) as Pedro Cohen, and Socorro, Virei uma Garota! (2019) as Douglas and so many more. Lipy has also written the film The Game and he produced it which means that there is brain behind that brawn...and there is a lot of brawn here. He made his Mr. Man debut when he played Marcão in the hilarious Netflix original film Carnaval. Even though he is on Mr. Man now, he actually did not go nude in this movie which is a huge bummer for everyone around the entire globe. That being said we do get to watch him work his magic in the gym. Check out his glistening muscles that are ripe with sweat as a lady gives him a stern talking to in the gym. Those shoulders? Those biceps? Those pecs? That six-pack? That olive skin? What have we done to be blessed with Lipy's lovely body like this? We wish everyday was Carnaval so we could party with Felipe Adler. We all dream to one day lock lips with Lipy himself!