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Keywords: Brief Nudity, Latino / hispanic, Brown Hair

Nude Roles: 1

Birthplace: Buenos Aires, AR

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Taekwondo (2016) Sexy, sexy, shirtless 00:16:35 Gabriel, Andrés, and Gaston hang out shirtless! (10 secs)
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He surfs. He sings. He plays guitar. He climbs rocks. He also drinks beer, holds babies, and drives, if you’re looking closely at his Instagram page. Gabriel Epstein also looks pretty good without his shirt on, and you can see this on his Insta, too, but also as the character Germán in the Argentinian movie Taekwondo (2016). The dark-haired hottie shows off his athletic body and a hint of full-frontal nudity when his towel drops low to gift us with a long look at his upper shaft and black nest of curls. The camera pans in on just this, so it won’t be hard to miss—although it is hard to watch and not want to just give the towel a good yank to get rid of it entirely. So much teasing, so unfair. From there, Gabriel jumped to television, picking up a gig as Pablo in the Spanish-language, Argentina/Mexico Disney Chanell show Soy Luna, aka I’m Luna, for 16 episodes in 2017. That was his last acting credit through 2022. Since then, Gabriel tends to focus more on his own music. He plays, and he’s a producer. He used to do techno in clubs, but somewhere along the way, he decided he’d rather be doing music with waterfalls and jungles as his audience. “I asked myself where would I like to play. I thought in nature with amazing views.” He adjusted his sound and you can hear a lovely blend of beats and spa-soothing sounds in his short clips on social media. Pretty boy, pretty music.