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Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. (2022)

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A mockumentary-style take on megachurches, Adamma Ebo’s feature debut stars powerhouse Sterling K. Brown as Pastor Lee-Curtis Childs of the Wander the Greater Paths congregation and an even stronger Regina Hall as his wife, First Lady of the church Trinitie Childs. The couple are making a movie to help repair their image as they reopen Wander the Greater Paths after a hiatus caused by the Pastor’s recent sex scandal, a seemingly insurmountable feat when you learn only 5 loyal people remain out of their previous 25,000 congregants. Not helping is a pair of younger married pastors (Nicole Beharie and Conphidance) who have been expanding their medium-size church as they welcome The Childs' former followers into their fold, but their biggest disadvantage is Lee-Curtis himself, who can’t seem to break the habit of using his wealth and position try and form inappropriate relationships with young men. Despite their mutual love for expensive clothes, cars, and Crime Mob’s “Knuck If You Buck” (oh and don’t forget Jesus), Lee-Curtis and Trinitie aren’t quite not the same page despite Trinitie’s desperate attempts to stand by her man, and the cracks in their marriage start to show. And speaking of show, Sterling’s muscular physique is on full display as he strips down during a practice service and re-baptizing. He also shows some skin during an uncomfortable encounter with the movie’s sound technician and again in a swimming pool scene where he dictatorially decides to move the date of their relaunch up by a week. We’re always up for seeing this man’s heavenly body. Can I get an amen?