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Impulse (2018)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Remember Jumper, the 2008 Hayden Christensen movie where he's a young man that can teleport? It ends up that movie was based off of a book by Steven Gould, who wrote a few more books that took place in the same universe, including one that would be turned into the 2018 Youtube Premium TV show Impulse. Lasting two seasons, the show centered aroundHenrietta "Henry" Coles (Maddie Hasson), a sixteen-year-old girl with a history of seizures who realizes she can teleport when a nasty dude named Clay (Tanner Stine) tries to take advantage of her in his truck. Her teleporting crushes Clay's legs and leads to him ending up in a coma, which leads a cop named Anna (Enuka Okuma) to investigate the crime and discover Henry's secret. Clay's dad (David James Elliott) demands to know what happened to his son, which leads to him trying to kill her and getting sent to a far-off country. But when she meets a fellow jumper named Nikolai (Callum Keith Rennie), things really take off as Henry begins to learn how to control her powers and is introduced to the jumper world she never knew existed. We bet she wishes she could teleport to where Keon Alexander is after watching this hottie take it all off to enter a shower. Seeing his white buns in the process, we'd like to enter him! Meanwhile, if you prefer your man meat a big more well aged, Callum Keith Rennielifts his shirt in one scene...to give himself a shot. Ouch! He isn't the only shirtless hunk, though. Tanner Stine shows his chest when he changes clothes in the hospital, while Amadeus Serafini sleeps shirtless next to Henry. That'll get your pulse racing! Gabriel Darku gives us more shirtless action when he's having straight sex. That scene had our cock throbbing and pulsing! We need to fight our Impulse to reach out and touch these hotties through the screen!