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Invisible (2020)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Unseen is a Belgian and French co-production that deals with a rather interesting premise... One day, a group of people living in a small village are afflicted by a mysterious phenomenon that allows some people to become invisible. Suddenly armed with a superpower most would be desperate to have, the now invisible members of society let their true colors show as they can now move about unseen by anyone! Some decide to enact revenge on enemies, others to move about undetected in places they're not allowed, while still others view it as a curse. As other people in the village begin to become invisible as well, the people must come together—both Seen and Unseen—to figure out if there is a way for them to continue in a society that only values people who can be seen! It's a tricky predicament and one that would seem to lend itself to lots of opportunities for nudity! I mean, who among us doesn't want to run into a locker room without being seen just once in our lives and just sort of, you know, hang around and check things out? Of course, this show has loftier aspirations than just a bunch of dirty jokes, though it's not above a little fun! In one particularly insane incident, a nude Roda Fawaz escapes from doctors attempting to wrangle him, and sneaks into an elevator, all while showing off his cock, balls, and butt! With full nudity like that, even if it is from just one guy, we think it's safe to say this show won't go Unseen!