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Thieves of the Wood

Thieves of the Wood (2020)

Brief Nudity


Thieves of the Wood centers on Jan de Lichte (Matteo Simoni), aka Jan the Light, who was more or less an 18th century Robin Hood who works with his band of merry hunks and hotties to try and overthrow the corrupt leadership in Flanders, Belgium in 1747.  This series (also titled The Flemish Bandit), focuses on the rag tags trying to make a push for civility and equality in an era of cruelty in which the hero's hometown is being held hostage by occupiers that hunt women and orphans in the woods for sport, brand and beat whole families for petty crimes, and pretty much take on the evil form of European aristocracy of the times in every way imaginable.  The people turn to the hero, Jan de Lichte (who was a real person!), for help when they can take no more!  Lucky for us, the titular Jan (Matteo Simoni) has a couple of love scenes, where we get a look at Matteo's Flemish fanny.  We also get a tasty trouser drop from Rik Willems who shows them the effects of the local brothel's STD tonic from behind.  We also get two booty peeks at the pretentious powdered wig wearing Rik Verheye, who embodies high society with that perfumed patootie.  Let's hope the scrappy boys from the woods can beat these weasely upper crust villains!