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The Break

The Break (2016-2018)

Brief Nudity


La trêve or The Break (2016) is a Belgian series that follows investigator Yoann Peeters (Yoann Blanc) who has just moved back to the small town of Heiderfeld, after leaving as a teen. He and an inexperienced young police officer named Sebastian Drummer (Guillaume Kerbush) are confronted with the body of an African footballer named Driss (Jeremy Zagba) who is found dead in the river. Pretty much everyone thinks it's a suicide, but since there are all sorts of Zoom calls between Driss and his family that show him happy and looking forward to sending them some cash, Yoann's convinced it was murder. Since there's a nearby farm covered in Nazi symbols, a few townsfolk who are a bit weirdly familiar with opposite sex family members, and all sorts of other secrets everyone in Heiderfeld is trying to keep under wraps, it's a pretty tough case to crack. Don't worry, he'll break it wide open by the time season one is done! Season two switches things up by focusing on an ex-con (Aurelien Caeyman) working as a gardener for a rich woman (Valerie Bauchau), who becomes the prime suspect in her murder. Aurelien's one grade A prime piece of man meat, who we get to see totally naked as the cops strip him down to search for evidence. He's covered in a strange rash, but his dick looks just fine to us! If Mr. Caeyman's not your kind of man (too skinny? too young?) take a peek at Alexis Julemont showing off his frank and fanny while speaking on the phone totally nude. Mr. Man will mount him anytime! Thomas Mustin's buns shine while he porks a chick and shows off his strong backside. This guy is so adorable and sexy! We also see him shirtless before getting dressed and he looks too good for shirts. Keep it off, Thomas! That ass is must-see! When you're done bustin to Mr. Mustin, there's a great look at the saggy balls of Georges Kelessidis while he takes a prison shower with young Aurelien! The Break us off a piece of that!