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The Team

The Team (2015)

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A German, a Dane and a Belgian walk into a police station … No, this isn’t the beginning of a joke, it’s the premise for the European crime drama The Team (2015). This small screen series follows three national police agencies working together to stop a number of prostitutes from being murdered across Berlin, Antwerp, and Copenhagen. Heading up the Europol force are Jackie Müller (Jasmin Gerat), chief of the German police; Harald Bjørn (Lars Mikkelsen), chief of the Danish police; and Alicia Verbeeck (Veerle Baetens), chief of the Belgian police. As the trio of investigators gets deeper into the case, they elicit assistance from Else Hojby (Lisbeth Wulff), Finn Moesgaard (Ole Boisen), Frank Aers (Koen De Bouw), Kit Ekdal (Ida Engvoll), and Natascha Stark (Miriam Stein). With additional input from Alicia’s boss Stéphane Pernel (Hilde Van Mieghem) and German undercover agent Max Ritter (Marc Benjamin), the three chiefs unearth a deeply rooted cartel involved with a variety of felonious activities, from drug running and illegal labor to human trafficking and assassinations. Needless to say, the investigators have their hands full. Meanwhile, we’d like to get our hands on Carlos Leal. As Jean-Louis Poquelin, the skintastic actor reveals his bare back and booty while taking a shower in episode 3. Even though he’s bruised, the nude dude looks good to us! Of course, we can’t forget Mr. Mikkelsen who displays his naked T&A while shagging his onscreen wife (Alexandra Rapaport) in episode 1. Thanks to him, the series begins with a bang!