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Warrior (2018)

Brief Nudity


Warrior (2018) is a Danish crime procedural also called "Kriger" about the worlds of war veterans, biker gangs and police officers and the various ways they clash. CC (Dar Salim) is a Veteran who served time in Afghanistan, but is super guilt ridden about how he sent his best friend Peter (Jakob Oftebro) on a mission that got him killed. At the funeral, CC vows to Peter's widowed cop wife Louise (Danica Curcic) that he'll do anything she needs, anytime she needs him. It's not long before she's calling in that favor, since the cops need a badass dude to infiltrate a biker gang called The Wolves and get tight to their leader Tom (Lars Ranthe). He takes the gig, but as CC goes from dangerous mission to dangerous mission for Louise, he starts to wonder if she's still mad about her hubby and looking to get even. This undercover drama is full of dashing Danes that'll get the blood coursing through your veins! Lars Ranthe looks rather dashing with an open button-down that shows off his chest tat. Seeing his six-pack abs will have you wondering if he wants to lie down with you after doing all those situps! Dar Salim is pretty darn hot himself, both when he's soaking up the sun's rays in a bathing suit on a boat, as well as lying in bed in just a pair of boxer briefs. Get us 50 CC's of that bulge, stat! But the dude who goes the furthest is Rudi Kohnke, who goes completely naked from head to toe as he makes his breakfast. Keep your eyes off the skin illustrations covering his bod, and make sure to keep your eyes open for his sausage. Now that's the how we want to start our day! After watching Warrior, Mr. Man would be happy to infiltrate the gang if every dude had that quality wang!