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The sexy Jeremy Lavigne is a total dream. Seriously, take a look at this bearded boy who also goes by Jay Lavigne when he's feeling particularly fun and flirty. He's only been in two films so far, but both of them are well worth a look. He wrote, directed, produced, and starred in Ainsi soit-elle (Be her) (2019) which is his original short film. Before that, he was a set decorator in a 2011 film, but that's been it so far. He plays Brad in Aqualash who gives us just a dash of ass. He stars in this screwball-comedy-turned-horror flick that features sexual chemistry and bloody murders. It's a little bit like Final Destination meets slasher movie meets French Canadian sex comedy that takes place at a waterpark. Sounds good, right? The best part is definitely Jeremy. Renaud Gauthier directed Jeremy in this scene where he is banging a babe outdoors at the top of a waterslide. He keeps his sweatshirt on, but his pants are long gone. He thrusts into her like a jackhammer until the killer approaches from behind. Hey, that's how we like to approach! Well, the killer does it differently. Knife in hand, the killer winds up pushing Jeremy off the ledge. He falls to his death, letting us see his booty on the way down. We hope this isn't the end of Mr. Lavigne, if you know what we mean. We definitely want to see him naked - even more than just his ass - again in the future. 


Aquaslash (2019) - as Brad

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