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Aquaslash (2019)

Brief Nudity

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Did you say a French Canadian horror comedy that takes place at a waterpark and casts some of the most scalding hot hunks to spend the entire runtime in their bathing suits???  Then yes, we'll take two!  In Aquaslash (great title!), we follow a bevy of high school seniors who are following in their school's annual tradition of taking over a waterpark resort for their senior end of year party.  Instead of the sexy drug and drink fueled fun times, they are being singled out and slaughtered by a psycho on the loose in the park!  This one follows the old urban legend of someone putting razor blades in the waterslide so that when you go down them, you get cut to pieces, and brings it to real life!  THIS ONE HAS IT ALL!  We have a cover band of bad boys doing Corey Hart's "Sunglasses at Night" while the lead singer flashes back to shower sex and showing off that bubble butt of his.  We also have a soapy wet t-shirt car wash, the older lifeguard babe banging the senior virgins of her choice while they show off their buns, an opening sex scene that ends with a pant-less guy getting pushed off the top of the slide, rampant drug use, implied sex between just about every main character, perms, and of course regular waterslide decapitations, like we said EVERYTHING!  All with a bit of Canadian tongue in cheek humor that will tickle you pink and the trio of hunks leading the nudity buns first, Jeremy Lavigne, Nicolas Fontaine, and Ryan Ali, will all make you gush like... Well, like a waterslide!  No shortage of beefcake at the park in this one, boys!  Enjoy!