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Zombi Child

Zombi Child (2019)

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Zombi Child (2019) is a film that takes place in Haiti and explores the legends, superstitions, and possible truths behind the local belief in zombies and Voodoo spells that bring the dead back to life. This movie starts in 1962 where a man dies and is brought back to life to work on the sugar cane plantations. Then the movie flashforwards to 55 years later in which one teenaged girl tells her friends at school about a zombie-related family secret. She trusts them, but she shouldn't because telling her friends this secret winds up having repercussions that she could not have imagined. We do have sexy Haitian men to enjoy such as Sayyid El Alami who plays Pablo. As Pablo, he sports long frizzy black hair and goes shirtless in the woods to show off his black happy trail on his light brown skin. What a hunk! As he stares seductively and shirtlessly at the camera, the girls recite a kind of rap that he eventually starts dancing to despite the fact that they are all in different places. Mackenson Bijou stars as Clairvius Narcisse and shows off his naked and glistening body when he cleans himself in a natural body of water in broad daylight as he talks about "a grass snake". He then sits down on the grass, giving us a look at the grass snake between his long brown legs. You can also see the tip of his snake as he washes. We'd love for him to slither that thing our way!