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Killer Vacation

Killer Vacation (2023)

Brief Nudity

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The 2023 Brazilian series Últimas Férias, or Killer Vacation, centers around a group of college friends having one last vacation together before going off into their adult lives. However, as the title of the series would indicate, this vacation ends up turning into a murder mystery where seemingly everyone has a motive! 

Of course, you could read the title in another way, which is to say that this was a killer vacation packed with tons of nudity! Series stars Michel Joelsas and Ronald Sotto deliver the most skin, even going nude for a devil's threesome! Michel also shares a series of non-nude gay scenes with João Vithor Oliveira, Filipe Bragança bares his ass in a brutal straight sex scene, and Lourinelson Vladmir caps it off with the ultimate power move, flashing his cock while fastening his robe in a public shower!