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Todxs Nós

Todxs Nós (2020)

Brief Nudity

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In this HBO series out of Brazil, Todxs Nós aka He, She, They, we follow Rafa (Clara Gallo) who plays the 18 year old non-binary pansexual who leaves their parents in Sao Paulo and moves to the capital to live with their cousin Vini (Kelner Macêdo).  Much to the surprise of Vini and his roommate, they learn how Rafa identifies gender wise and are surprised to learn the facts around what to call them pronoun wise.  This is a tale that follows the strict religious side of Brazil coming to the understanding of the facts around modern LGBTQA+ rights and how the old ways need to be changed.  This fish out of water tale follows not only the trials and tribulations of someone's personal identity but also the struggle of antiquated thinking from friends, family, and even nationwide as people grow.  It wouldn't be a Brazilian show too if there wasn't some butts!  Lucky for us we get to see Felipe Frazão's burnt umber buns as well as Kelner Macêdo making a literal meal out of that butt in the shower with a rim job scene for the ages!