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Laurence Rupp

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Brief Nudity

Keywords: Brief Nudity, White, Brown Hair

Birthplace: Vienna, AT

Date of Birth: 08/10/87

AKA: Laurenz Rupp

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It's never hard for us to get hard to an ample Austrian like Laurence Rupp!  This vivacious vixen out of Vienna has been acting since he was just a youngin' but has amassed an incredible resume in front of the lens since he first broke onto the scene at just 12 years old in Rex: A Cop's Best Friend in 1999.  After he made a bit of a name for himself in a few movies and TV shows, his real big break came in the 2006 flick Dead in 3 Days, then he became a legit celebrity when he was cast as one of the leads on the comedy series Mitten im 8en - Der ganz normale Alltagswahnsinn.  At this point in his acting career, he became what we would call in the states a "heartthrob", and we definitely know that's he's making something THROB over here!  He made a more mainstream jump to a stateside project when he was cast opposite Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015), albeit in a smaller role but we're sure he made an impression on someone in the world of action flicks because shortly after that he took on the lead role in the action drama Cops (2018), and it's from there that his career really took off!  Now he leads the 2020 Netflix series about Romans versus Teutons in Barbarians, where he plays the Roman general Arminius and he shows us just how jacked he is under all that armor when he takes his tunic off!  You're going to be grabbing at the gladiator in your pants, just don't forget to "Laurence Rupp" the balls a bit!