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Barbarians (2020-2022)

Brief Nudity


People throw around the term "Barbarians" like it's a bad thing... Truth be told, the Roman Empire was probably more likely the assholes of history in comparison to the Germanic and Central European tribes known as "Barbarians" during the period the Western Roman Empire was running things all over Europe.  This Netflix series out of Germany gives us a little peak at a little known period of ancient history, specifically the battle of Teutoburg Forrest in the year 9 A.D.  At the time, the Roman Empire was in a steady decline, having been divided up, attacked by powerful enemies, and having tons of internal strife from leadership struggles amongst the powerful of Rome, so they decided to get more land under their banner.  Rome came up with the idea to invade the northern parts of Europe to expand their empire even more, but what they didn't anticipate was running into a bunch of tribal Teutonic badasses who hate the idea of new people moving onto their lands!  So as the Romans move in and begin to commit classic Roman atrocities, the tribes band together and decide to show these armor wearing dicks from the South just how things are done in their woods!  Some say this was the point in time in which the Roman Empire was finished for good.  As for the Barbarian boy toys, there are a plenty for your viewing pleasure!  David Schütter's butt is bound to make you shudder when it hits the screen during a sex scene!  Also, the surprisingly jacked Laurence Rupp gives us a shirtless wedding ceremony that'll peak your interest for his pecs!