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Sam: A Saxon

Sam: A Saxon (2023)

Brief Nudity

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Sam: A Saxon tells the incredible true story of the first and only Black German Democratic Republic police officer, Samuel Meffire. He's played by Malick Bauer, and in this Disney series, which airs on Hulu in the States, we learn about how he joined the police and what happened to his life after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Sam became an East Germany police officer during the brief time after the fall of the Wall before German reunification. In fact he was one of the last ever East Germany police officers. His accomplishment came at a time when Germany was attempting to expound its multiculturalism, and Sam became the face of the new Germany. His popularity as a media figure skyrocketed in the 90s. However, there was a dark side to Sam. This unlikely hero became an even more unlikely criminal, and he was eventually arrested after being on the lam and a wanted man across the world. So why are we checking out Sam: A Saxon? Because of the surprise nudity! Max Schimmelpfennig adds to our collection of clips depicting naked men covered in body paint. He shows off his ass and even his girthy penis tip in an artist's studio. But don't worry, Malick Bauer is here too. Check out his huge body and even his bulge in his blue briefs. Sam's the man!