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We Children from Bahnhof Zoo

We Children from Bahnhof Zoo (2021)

Brief Nudity

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We Children from Bahnhof Zoo (2021) is based on a real memoir by Christiane F. about her life growing up in Berlin. This series based on her books follow sing young Berliners who try to find themselves, follow their dreams, and face a ton of adversity in the nation's largest city. This is an inspiring look at the young generation who are trying to scrape by in the city while learning about themselves and each other through adventures in sex, drugs, cool fashion, music, and a lot more. They also do some exploration that involves booty - our favorite kind! Sebastian Urzendowsky plays Robert who bares his buns when he lays down in bed naked on his stomach and on his side. We first see this scene from an up-close-and-personal view of his back and blurry buns, but then his lover gets out of bed and the camera angle moves to an aerial shot. That is where we see Sebastian's buns from the ceiling. What a view! He is the only person who gets naked in the show, but two other dudes get nice and sexy. Bruno Alexander plays Michi who bulges out in his underwear in his shirtless scene. He gets gloriously gay with Michelangelo Fortuzzi as Benno. These two have four sexy scenes that show them playing around shirtless and in their undies while also smooching one another and cuddling whenever they can. We want to hang out with those two animals in and out of the Bahnhof Zoo!