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This young and chisel jawed gent looks like a young Morrissey but comes out of Serbia and Montenegro, but with an arguably cooler name and better hair, if that is possible.  Lazar Dragojević is about to power bomb his way into your spank bank with his model-esque good looks and effortless ability to just drip sex appeal on the screen with even just a handful of credits to date.  He kicked off his career with a big 2019, sparked by a Nude-Comer debut in the wildly successful and critically acclaimed indie flick about a Dutch girl going to Bosnia to meet a dad she never knew in 2019's Take Me Somewhere Nice.  Lazar plays the bad boy boyfriend of the female lead and we get to see his Balkan bubble butt in the mirror when they have a stand-up screw session in the bathroom after a tongue twirly make out session.  He followed that up with another local Bosnian project The Son, then again in Pun mjesec.  He then jumped over the border and into another critically acclaimed indie darling out of France and Belgium called Sympathy for the Devil (2019), all of which hit at the same time, so he's bound to be a bigger name in short time.  Needless to say, he's a Serbian stick of dynamite on the screen and it's just a matter of time before he starts to set the screen on fire stateside because he's undeniable eye candy.  You're going to be shooting sex lasers out of your eyes at Lazar in no time!