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Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Loves Me, Loves Me Not (2019)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


We've all played the game of plucking daisy pedals, trying to figure out if the one person you got on your mind feels the same and whether they "Loves Me, Loves Me Not".  For the gorgeous Ali Silver (Isabelle Chester), this has been a life long flower pedal plucking situation since the very first boy she told she loved back in elementary school quite literally ran away from her.  Now the 30 something Los Angeles lady is seemingly the perennial single lady of her entire group of friends...  Not only is she having a hard time finding Mr. Right, she seemingly is a magnet for psychos.  Her newest boyfriend is a professional thief and armed robber (Steven Cox), who as it turns out has been robbing jewelry stores for all his presents to her.  The next guy is an old flame rekindled (T.J. Power), who turns out to be a fresh out of jail Jesus freak who can't break his newfound drug free "celibacy", not to mention a bevy of closeted gay men trying to get her into kinky threesomes (David Chokachi) , undercover cops trying to bust her criminal element exes, and a whole slew of bums.  As Ali tries to reflect on what it is she has to offer and why she only attracts the dregs of LA, she's also trying to figure out other aspects of her personal, professional, and private life... Including a couple of lady neighbors who seemingly want to get in her pants just as much as all the guys!  David Chokachi is the lone bubble butt shown in this one, but T.J. Power and Steven Cox both pop those shirts off for a couple of awkward sex scenes with out lady lead!