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Maid (2021)

No Nudity


Maid (2021) is a series about a young mom who leaves an abusive relationship. On her own and without money, she takes a job as a maid in order to get the money for her family's basic survival. With the help of a support group, this single mom who lives out of her car and has no family to depend on learns to scrub wealthy homes in order to learn a living so that she can slowly but surely afford to live on her own. Of course it gets complicated when her ex tries to come back and take custody. This series is loosely based on a memoir written by Stephanie Land and it is definitely inspiring, but the men are HOT. Raymond Ablack is a SEXY dude who makes a meal when he is shirtless. He only wears his jeans with a big belt buckle as we check out his abs. His abs are a six-course meal! Nick Robinson desperately tries to explain a bad night before experience to his girl, saying that his dick wouldn't work when he was trying to bang her. He said the woman kept asking what was wrong with his dick and he tells his girl that what is wrong with his dick is her. Damn. The truth hurts, Nick! Maybe what is "wrong" with his dick is that he needs to be with us instead. Nothing is wrong with your dick, Nick! But you could always let us see that for ourselves and have a little Nick Robinson dick inspection.