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Mildred Pierce (2011)

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The HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce (2011) may be a remake but it differs from the original in two ways. First, it’s 3 hours longer. Second, and more importantly, it’s got infinitely more skin. Mildred Pierce has been reimagined as an incredibly detailed period piece set in Depression-era suburbia. Mildred is a driven and independent woman who works her way up from a lowly “hash joint” waitress to owner of a successful restaurant chain.  She is also a single mother to spoiled, money-hungry Veda who continually acts out to hurt her long-suffering mother.

While the series is centered on Mildred, there is a little randiness thrown in to spice things up in the form of Guy Pierce.  In the third installment, he tries to calm a manic Mildred.  Part of his seduction involves dropping his robe and revealing (from the back) his long lean, muscled body in all it’s fully nude well lit glory.


Guy Pearce

Nude - as Monty Beragon

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