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My Mad Fat Diary

My Mad Fat Diary (2013-2014)

Brief Nudity

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My Mad Fat Diary is an English TV series about a teen girl named Rae (Sharon Rooney) from Lincolnshire, who spent four months in a psych ward after a suicide attempt. She's 233 pounds, nicknamed "Jabba" by the school bullies and absolutely hates her body, which is a huge part of why she tried to kill herself in the first place. It doesn't help that it's the mid-90's, when "heroin chic" was the most desired body type and having a big butt was considered a bad thing. After her stay at the hospital, Rae goes back to school in Stamford, Lincolnshire, but has no desire to tell everyone where she's been. Instead, she lies and says she was hanging out in France the whole time, all the while writing her true feelings in a diary. For three seasons viewers watched as Rae dealt with her issues, while also discovering that her skinny classmates might not have the same body issues, but they are all messed up in the head, too. Mad fat? Mad skinny? Mad busty? We don't really care around here, since we're much more interested in the mad sexy dudes the show had to offer. We are mad about Nico Mirallego, a hunk who all the girls are drooling over. He plays Finn Nelson, Rae's enemy turned lover who must like me big! We do too but will have to wonder how big Nico really is since he never flashes his done. However, we do get to see his tight bod and rock-hard tush while Rae peeps on him in the shower! Now, we feel dirty enough to have to take a cold shower ourselves. That's definitely something to write in the diary about! My Mad Fat Diary gives us a great look at young, teen boy ass, and we're not mad at it!