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Nashville (2012-2018)

No Nudity

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Set against the backdrop of the competitive world of country music, ABC and CMT's Nashville follows the sputtering career of Rayna James (Connie Britton), the reigning queen of twang rock. When Rayna’s most recent album and tour falter, record execs suggest that the fading queen open up some tour dates for Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere), an up-and-coming sexy country-pop starlet. As the two crooners butt heads about what country music should be, a bevy of dudes enter the scene to complicate and spice up the television drama. For six seasons viewers watched as Rayna's loser husband Teddy (Eric Close) ran for Mayor of Nashville, Rayna's daughter Maddie (Lennon Stella) tried to break into the biz using her mom's connections, Will Lexington (Chris Carmack) tries to hide his sexuality thinking country fans won't accept him if they know, and eventually Juliette struggles to accept that she's not the hip young thing on the scene anymore. Since there's nothing like a country boy, Mr. Man's happy to tell you there are tons of sexy cowboys you'll want to go Brokeback with. We get some sexy, shirtless action from Christian Coulson, Sam Palladio, Charles Esten, Oliver Hudson, Chris Carmack, Will Chase, and Derek Hough.Yee-haw! But as hot as all those abs are, the best scene on the show was when Chris Carmack and the captivating Cameron Scoggins gave us some mesmerizing man on man action in season five, episode ten. Save a horse, ride a cowboy! Chris loses his shirt in season two, episode ten while he lounges in bed post coitus with the delicious Derek Krantz. We'll mack with him in a car anytime! But that's not all. Chris really gets around in this series, so we also see him share some sensual smooches with Kyle Dean Massey in season three, episode eighteen. These two beautiful boys lie in bed together in the next episode and we get an eyeful of Kyle’s bodacious bulge! They're not gay, they're just friends in blow places! Nashville will have you looking to boot scoot boogie with a hot piece of booty!