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Rafael Medrado is one sexy Brazilian babe, even though the words "sexy" and "Brazilian" are basically synonymous. Rafael manages to stand out with his firm chest, olive-toned skin, and his luminous smile. That smile of his looks like it could light up any room around the world and we know that because when he smiles on camera we all swoon. This hottie with a bodacious body began his acting career officially in 2016 when he played Lucio in the feature film A Finada Mae da Madame. After he made that debut, he starred in A Second Chance (2018), Onze Minutos (2018), Ate Que a Vida Nos Separe (2021) as Porteiro in several episodes. He made his way to a breakthrough role when he landed the part of sexy Samir in the comedy film on Netflix called Carnaval (2021) about some heartbroken women who head to the famed Carnaval city of Bahia to heal their hearts, party, and get their minds set on something else. He proves to be the ultimate hunk in this movie when he emerges from the water like a modern day Poseidon. He looks like a merman when his chest goes above the water and we get to check out his sculpted shoulders and his wet head of curly hair. His chest shimmers in the sun as he slowly approaches the girls on the shore. When he gets to the beach? He puts on some glasses and smiles. He's relatable, sexy, and he's the Brazilian boy of our dreams.