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Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Pete (2015-2019)

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Sneaky Pete is a crime drama series created by Bryan Cranston and David Shore that's all about a dude stealing another man's identity since his current life is so crappy.Think The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) without the beautiful Italian villas and intense homosexual undertones, or Reindeer Games (2000) without the ten other unnecessary twists. This Amazon Original premiered in 2015 and follows a con man named Marius who hides from his past by stealing his old cellmate’s identity. Now calling himself Pete (Giovanni Ribisi), Marius is on the run from some old mob bosses who want him dead. But with nowhere to go and no cash to get himself there, he decides he'll hook back up with Pete's estranged family and try to make amends with them. But when he reunites with his cellmate’s eccentric family he becomes tangled up in a dangerous crew just as bad as he was trying to escape. For three seasons viewers watched as the fake Pete came to love his fake family, while constantly trying to make sure the people looking for him couldn't find him, and that the family didn't figure out he was a total fraud. Mr. Man was constantly hoping he'd sneak a peek at Giovanni's Peter, but it just never happened. But that's not to say the show was skin-free. The captivatingly quirky Colin Bates gets stripped and sexy in season one, episode three. We get a great look at Colin’s tight, toned bod in just his just his underwear when this bodacious babe gets interrupted while banging a lucky lady! We would never interrupt an artist in the middle of his masterpiece! Jacob Pitts joins the party, going fully nude when he's surprised as he hops out of the shower! That cock is the tits! Even if he's not gay, Shane McRae had us going cray when he showed off his well-built, boy next door looking muscles in a shirtless scene. But the dude we really wanted to do that thing with, was Ethan Embry, who plays the actual Pete Murphy. We see Ethan's tight ass when he's walking the halls of a hotel with no pants on! Check that out! We don't care who you are, Sneaky Pete will have you beating your meat!