It's not the size of the ship that matters, it's the slow-motion of the ocean! There's possibly nothing hotter than seeing a sizable swinging dong in slow motion. We have plenty of time to devour every fleshy, veiny, girthy inch with our eyes. And what we're really loving is just how many hot frontal scenes in Hollywood were in fact filmed in slow motion.

So, to celebrate the slowest of penises, we're turning our favorite slow-motion penis scenes into GIFs so you don't have to. These lovingly-crafted GIFs are filled with all the cock, balls, and bush that you can handle. Check out all of the amazing hotness below! What can I say? Slow is my M.O.


Peter Kendall in The Girls on the Bus

Mauro Lorenz in Cheeky!

Jack Bennett in The Leftovers

Tor Erik Bøe in Anti Reproductive Mating Ritual

Horst Baron (Willem Dafoe's penis double) in Antichrist

Aaron Taylor-Johnson in A Million Little Pieces

Thomas Middleditch in Search Party

Randy Gambill in Observe And Report