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Sort Of

Sort Of (2021-2023)

No Nudity
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama
  • Created by: Fab Filippo, Bilal Baig
  • Rated: TV-MA
  • Home Release: 10/15/2021
  • Network: CBC Television
  • Country: Canada
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Sort Of is an important HBO Max series about how difficult yet rewarding it is being a non-binary Pakistanian Millennial in the 2020s. The hilarious and immensely talented Bilal Baig's character Sabi Mehboob finds themself in this exact predicament. They're integrated into the queer community as an employee at a queer cafe while also being a dutiful offspring to their Pakistanian parents. It's a crazy life that's made all the crazier by Sabi Mehboob's encounters with sexy people! Xavier Lopez is one such person, and he has the pleasure of getting it on like Donkey Kong with Bilal Baig in bed. Sure, the scene doesn't deliver the male celebrity nudity that we crave around these here parts, but Lopez's body is looking tight and right in those form-fitting boxer briefs, and Sabi even gets to put their hands down his pants! We're Sort Of horny.