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That Dirty Black Bag

That Dirty Black Bag (2022)

No Nudity

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You can almost smell the sweat, leather, and gunpowder coming off of this sun-soaked western, That Dirty Black Bag.  In this new series from AMC+, we follow two men fighting for survival in the wasteland of an unnamed desert.  One is an sheriff who is said to be beyond corruption, McCoy (Dominic Cooper), the other a bounty hunter, Red Bill (Douglas Booth), who carries with him a black bag filled with the severed heads of his bounties.  As these two proper gunslingers' past, present, and future become more intertwined we begin to see the larger picture of something more evil running the show around Greenvale, the small town in the middle of nowhere that is setting the stage for a showdown.  So make sure your pistola is loaded up and ready to go because the always sexy Dominic Cooper is making us thirsty and it ain't the dry desert air doing that to our palates, partners!