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Stage Mother

Stage Mother (2020)

Brief Nudity

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We swear this isn't a lead-in to a joke, but what does a conservative Southern Baptist choir and a San Francisco Castro District Drag Queen nightclub review have in common?  Well, mostly over the top song and dance numbers, big time caked on make-up, and wigs!  Well now there is another thing, Maybelline Metcalf (Jacki Weaver), who is in quite a pickle, emotionally and spiritually.  You see, Maybelline, who leads the church choir in her VERY conservative Texas town, just found out that her estranged and shunned gay son, has just died in San Francisco.  As she is a good Christian, she decided that even though her son was a "sinner", he should get a proper send off and burial back in their hometown.  So May decides to venture into the Castro District of San Fran, to see what her son's life and adopted family is all about.  As it turns out, her son owned a gay bar with a drag revue, and since he had no next of kin, the title, deed, revue, and everything is legally now Maybelline's to do with what she wants.  With the revue failing, the business itself "in the red", and most everyone doing their best to ignore the new conservative in charge, she decides that she needs to open her mind a bit more and that the world of a Baptist choir director and the Madam of a Drag revue seem to have a lot more in common than she would expect, as they both are pretty much a Stage Mother!  While we get plenty of solid drag queen content, it's Adrian Comeau coming in with the lone nudity, showing off that butt while being held at gunpoint!