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The Lost Pirate Kingdom

The Lost Pirate Kingdom (2021)

No Nudity


Not all pirates were "yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum" kind of guys, just happy to be on the high seas, drinking rum, and burying plunder.  Instead, The Lost Pirate Kingdom, a Netflix docu-drama series explores the darker side of privateering in the golden age of the business.  These were hard men and women, who took it upon themselves to use violent tactics to gain riches across the Atlantic.  When Spain's massive fleet fell, the pirate lords of the age formed their own kingdom in Nassua, Bahamas and went out onto the seas, attacking, killing, and routinely torturing any poor soul who stumbled across their paths who had anything of value on their vessels.  From the cruel Charles Vane to legendary Blackbeard (James Oliver Wheatley) to the torturous Edward Low, this series gives us an in depth look at who, what, when, and why these pirates ruled the high seas and how they routinely weaponized fear against anyone who dared to stand in their path.  The sugary sweet Disney version of the pirates of the Caribbean ain't got nothing on these proper disembowlers!  Luckily for us though, Netflix went ahead and made really high quality dramatic re-enactments of the history and cast a bunch of babes who are definitely hotter than real life pirates, like Samuel Collings and James Oliver Wheatley.  Only problem in the nudity in this series is that it's a big prosthetic cock on old Blackbeard...  And the second problem is that it's being shown getting some old-timey medicine done to it by having mercury injected into it by a "doctor".  Enough to make you cringe!