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Justin Bieber: Seasons (2020-)

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All-star popstar Justin Bieber is back to show that he's sexy for all seasons. In his documentary about Biebs and is life as a very famous man married to a famous woman, Justin shows he's hotter than ever. Justin Bieber: Seasons (2020) is a docuseries that you didn't know you needed. The series goes from Bieber stepping back from his tour in 2017 to focus on studio recordings and then goes into his relationship and struggles with depression and stardom. It shows everything, except anything below Justin's belt. Although we do get pretty close! He wears some very low-riding shorts and no shirt to show off a hint of pubes as he casually walks around in a store. Can we purchase more of Beiber's tattooed abs and cum gutters? Those shorts look like they could easily slip and show his full cock at any moment. If seeing his cook is seasonal, then we'll wait for those shorts to fall. 


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