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The Most Watched Nude Scenes of 2022

It's that time of the year when we compile all of the most watched everything of 2022, and today is all about the year's most watched nude scenes! Bradley Cooper got the balls rolling toward the beginning of the year when he finally went frontal in Nightmare Alley by showing his penis in the bathtub in front of Toni Collette! Two lookalike real-life porn stars actually masturbated together in the porn industry movie Pleasure. And you won't soon forget the explosive gay scene in the season opener of The Boys. Just... watch it. 2022 was the year of Theo James, and he capped his incredible nudity streak by showing his penis twice in The Time Traveler's Wife! Blonde model Ansel Wolf Pierce went viral for exposing his uncut penis in the season two Euphoria opener. And speaking of Euphoria - the series is home to another one of the most watched scenes of 2022, and one of our personal favorites: Henry Eikenberry flashed his closeted teen lover his hairy cock and balls in the locker room before asking him if he wants to get a milkshake. Stick a dick in us, we're done! Thanks to his popularity on House Of The Dragon, Ewan Mitchell's nude scene in 2018's High Life became one of the most watched of 2022. Arguably the most viral gay scene of 2022 belongs to Leo Woodall and Tom Hollander in The White Lotus. The one and only Jennifer Coolidge caught Leo topping the man that his character claimed to be his "uncle!" Plus in 2022 Josh O'Connor gave us our best look at his uncut penis to date in Mothering Sunday, the Interview With The Vampire series delivered with the homoerotic action we knew we needed, Taron Egerton gave us an incredible look at his muscular back and ass in Black Bird, and so so much more! Hey boys, we're watching you.

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