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The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff (2020)

No Nudity

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The Right Stuff (2020) is a dramatic adaptation of the Tom Wolfe book by the same title. This Disney+ series follows U.S. fighter pilots who are recruited to test an experimental new spaceship that will make them all the Mercury astronauts. This looks at the 15 years that went into creating the United States space program. We see the dangers that the first astronauts had to go through and the ways that they juggled their personal family dramas with their professional lives as they truly explored unknown depths. Take a look at this little-told story of the lives behind the people who pioneered space exploration before they actually went into space. We are following a couple of astronauts, including one little hottie thottie with a gorgeous body. We are talking about Jack McDorman, of course. He plays Alan Shephard who slips on his pants over his boxers. While we absolutely detest the fact that he is putting ON clothes instead of taking them off, we do love this little look at his chiseled body. Lordy, Jack McDorman keeps his body fit and trim. His pecs are looking beautiful. His abs are chiseled into a six-pack. His biceps look like they could carry you around and lift you far above his head. His legs look muscular and his thighs look meaty. In essence, he is perfect. Jack McDorman in The Right Stuff is exactly right. Hell, this scene in The Right Stuff will have you producing The White Stuff.