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Brand New Cherry Flavor

Brand New Cherry Flavor (2021)

Brief Nudity


Brand New Cherry Flavor (2021) is a thrilling mystery series that takes place in Hollywood in the early 90s. Los Angeles in the early 90s was an exciting and sometimes shady time in movie making. A young woman named Lisa Nova (cool name) played by Rosa Salazar who aspires to be a filmmaker is lured down a dark path that involves sex, magic, and revenge when a producer takes an interest in her work. He is definitely not the right person for her to get involved with and now there is no turning back. She does a binding ritual to get revenge on a man who hurt her, but that binding ritual makes her "receptive to the spirit world" which is warned about by a witch played by Catherine Keener. While they are busy getting up to that trouble, we are busy watching her get into trouble with sexy men like Jeff Ward. He plays Roy Hardaway and he will make you hard with the way that he gets busy with the leading lady. Check out his ass as he thrusts into her and then take a good look at his hairy chest in their awkward morning-after scene. The best nudity comes from Mark Acheson who plays Pierre. While he might be the shady producer, he is also super sexy in an unshaded look at his frontal body as he steps out of a tub. Check out his cock and balls as well as his booty when he turns around. What's his flavor?