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The Titan

The Titan (2018)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


The Titan (2018) is a sci-fi thriller that stars Sam Worthington as an Air Force pilot who is chosen to partake in a secret military experiment. In the experiment, Rick is turned into some kind of super-human who would be able to survive life on Saturn's moon. While he's now able to survive nearly any environment, this experiment has strange effects on his family, himself and possibly life as we know it. 

We're not Worthy-ton of Sam Worthington who gives us life with his gorgeous shirtless chest. He's certainly superhuman with abs like his when he is shirtless and icing his head. No amount of ice could tone down the heat coming off his six-pack or his other-worldly ass that he shows off when he is on top of a mountain. Other superhuman sexpots include Aleksandar Jovanovic, Aaron Heffernan, Steven Cree, and Diego Boneta who are all shirtless in the locker room to show off their toned Titan bods.